Divorce a Thai fast and easy with One Stop Legal Service lawyers, mediators, translators and paralegals. One Stop Legal Services gets property back, married or not! One stop. One fee. One time. Done. 

The only requirement is one of you must be a Thai citizen. Divorce in Thailand can be messy, but we use MEDIATION, even with the most difficult Thai wives. Get child custody and assets returned.

AVOID Divorce Court, mounting legal fees and long waits between court dates in Divorce Court. We can have you divorced within 30 days in most cases without you ever going to court whether she is willing or not. 

Our divorces are fast and easy for you.

 Not Legally Married? No problem!

About One Stop Legal Services

We are reliable professionals with over 15 years of experience getting property bought by foreigners back from Thai wives. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions. 


We offer divorce anywhere in Thailand. We can get the Child  Custody agreement you want recorded as law, We can write and record  the Division of Assets agreement you need, Getting Property Out of Thai Wife's Name is our specialty.

She did nothing wrong, but you want out? We can handle your divorce. 

One stop. One fee. One time. Done. 

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Contact Us By Completing this Form 24-Hours a Day Or email Drew@PattayaLawyers.com or Call 084.111.7999


We started as PAPPA Co., Ltd. in 1998 in Pattaya, where there are more Thai to foreigner marriages than any other city in Thailand. Last year we changed our name to One Stop Service Centers Co., Ltd. with three divisions: Legal, insurance and accounting/tax. Now we are expanding to Bangkok, Chaing Mai and Phuket. 

However, we are available to get you divorced no matter where you or she live provided both of you can be in Thailand at the same time. Since 1998 we have served the legal needs of more than 5,000 foreigners in Thailand.


"My Thai wife was in London and I am in Bangkok. Drew Noyes and the team at One Stop Legal Services contacted her, flew her to Bangkok, got us divorced and put her back on the plane. I got my house back and paid no alimony! - Johnny Mac Williams, Bangkok

"I fell in love with another Thai lady. My wife never did anything to make me divorce her. We just grew apart after the birth of our second daughter. I went to One Stop Legal Services main office in Pattaya. Within a month I was single, got back half of my property in Thailand, had a great Child Custody and visitation agreement with me paying a reasonable amount each month for my kids and my wife got no alimony." - Steve Elgbert, Pattaya.

"I met a girl at a bar on my first trip to Thailand. I had a blast with her. After I returned home we stayed in touch by Skype. I flew back many times and she was so much fun and so very nice to me. Last year I bought her a house for her to live with her brother and mother . It cost me two million baht. Three months ago I surprised her and went to the new house at 2 am. She surprised me. She does not have a brother  only her childhood sweetheart who she was in the bed with when I went to her room. I was furious. I felt stupid. I cried. I broke things. I yelled. A friend recommended One Stop Legal Service which was called PAPPA before. I hired them because they speak English and seemed smart. Within a month the house was sold and I got back most of my money. And I learned a valuable lesson. Thanks One Stop and Drew Noyes."  - Martin James, Houston, Texas.

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